BITSAT 2017 application form correction details and process

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More number of students is interested to write the BITSAT 2017 entrance exam because it helps them to select a good college to undergo their higher studies. For this you have to fill the application form. So you have to download it and submit it as soon as possible because submission time will be ending in the month of February 2017.

BITSAT 2017 application form correction

Before filing your application, you have to read properly and then fill your application properly without any mistakes. If you have made any mistakes in your application, then it will be rejected.

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If you made any mistakes in your application form means, then you are not eligible and also cannot refund your amount. And you have to pay again for new application. So be careful for your registration. And give accurate details about you as what is in your application form.


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  1. I had given a wrong mobile number. Is there any chance by which i can change it?

    1. just email tm they will correct it!

      1. how can i get their e-mail………….please tell me………..

      2. what is their email id
        and what we have to type

  2. I have entered a wrong email id is there any chance to change it

    1. hey sharan even i made the same mistake as you can u tell me what did you do for your mistake,how did you rectify it.can you please send me the procedure of editing my email id at
      thank you

      1. email them your mistakes

        1. We have 2 email thm bt on which id ???

      2. me doing the same mistake plz when you get the way refer to me at

  3. I have entered a wrong email id. Can I correct it?

  4. I have entered my surname wrongly.Is there any chance to change it? Please give me a chance to rectify.

  5. Spelling mistake in my mothers name i.e. SUBUNA. It should be update/replace with SUGUNA.Is it possible?

    1. My Father’s name is DR VIJAY KUMAR SINGH but in the online firm name is incorrect. please tell me how can I correct it.

  6. I have entered worng date of birth how i can change it.

    1. Even i did a similar mistake did u make the correction in the application form or did u fill it again. please let me know at the earliest.

    2. hey vaibhav i too have made the same mistake,how did you rectify it.can you please send me the procedure of corecting it @
      waiting for ur reply…
      thanks in advance



      By mistake i have entered wrong date of birth,how can i Correct it.

    4. Hello vaibhav,I even did same mistake .can you please say how to rectify it?

  7. iam alredy applied bitsat 2015 board name is please change

    iam entered board name:Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh – Intermediate Examination code:APBT

    can please change the Board of Intermediate Education, Telangana – Intermediate Examination code:TSBT

  8. i have wrongly entered fathers name. what to do ? pls help..

  9. i have entered middle name of father is there any chance to remove it because middle name is not printed in class 10 exam

  10. I want to change the preference of centres I ve choosen,can it be changed?

  11. i want to change the test centre preference. is it possible?

  12. i mistakenly missed @ in my E-MAIL ID .can any one tell me how to correct it



  14. sir please tell me the dates for correction in application form because I have entered wrong academic details in the application form,for which I can be disqualified before the admission test.

  15. i have entered wrong information by mistake. Native State,instead of Telangana i have wrongly entered as Tamil Nadu. How can i change it?

  16. i had made speling mistake in my college name

  17. i had made spelling mistake in college name please tell me how to correct it

  18. Ihave entered my surname in short cut like k please tell me how to correct it?

  19. sir, i have not entered the door number in my application form is there any problem with it

    1. sir i have not mentioned door number in the application form is there any problem please leave me a reply

  20. sir i dint entered the door number in my application form my door number is 22-115-1/11 con check for this

  21. vikash kumar vishwakarma

    sir I’m roungh information in application filled so I’m correction of application. it’s mistake is I’m 12th passed students I’m 12th appearing student an mistake correction

  22. vikash kumar vishwakarma

    sir/mam reply my answers

  23. sir someone was filling my form on my behalf & he instead of 1996 wrote 1994 as my year of birth, now today when i was using my real DOB for slot booking i realizes his fault…pls sir/mam let me know the procedure to rectify it. sir pls do the needful as it is my last year too…hoping for your reply..

    1. I have made a spelling mistake in my surname… So please notify how can I correct it …. As the correction date has passed away…. I would b highly obliged so please help me out


    sir, this is devara prudhviraj. i applied for bitsat 2015.i did a mistake in online application email id was wrongly entered as but my correct email address is any possible please try to correct my email address. thanking you . my contact number is 9666646632

  25. i have entered wrong dob. i have sent them a mail regarding it.
    will it work or do i need to do something else too.

    please reply soon

  26. Sir/madam,
    I have entered wrong date of birth suggest a way to correct it.

    wrong D.O.B=02/02/1998(2,feb,1998)
    cirrect D.O.B=20/02/1998(20,feb,1998)

    please reply soon
    Thank You

  27. We entered AP INTERMEDIATE BOARD code but the actual was Telanga board of intermediate, Can you pl suggest for correction….

  28. I hv taken 16 may as my bits date
    Same day as bvp cet which is in baroda from 11 ti 2 and bits same day 4 to 7 cud i get a date or probably center change

  29. I have to change my exam center please help me..

  30. Sir, I have wrongly entered the aggregate marks is there are way to correct it?

  31. i have wrote wrong test centre in BITSAT form and hv submitted it. plz tell me how to change it

  32. i pressed back before completing the payment and nw i am not able to complete my application form

    wat must i do ??

  33. Vignesh Mahavirsingh Verma

    I have entered my name in the form ( name/ fathers name/ surname)
    Is it correct or should it be entered in the form (surname/ name/ fathers name).
    If it needs to be corrected then how is it possible?

  34. i did mistake in year of passing,,,,i wrote 2015 but it is 2016 help my lord 😀

  35. I had filled wrong exam centre in the bitsat online form 2016. I want to change it. Please help me.

  36. Ayushi Priyadarshni

    I have entered wrong email id is there any chance of correction? I have entered instead of
    Please sir help me do something and thank you for help in advance. My application no is 262966.

  37. Avinash Kumar Singh

    I want to change exam centre in BITSAT 2016 application form.
    Is it possible?

  38. can i change the teest center preferences submitted in applycation form?

  39. i have wrongly entered mothers name. what to do ? pls help

  40. Ganesh Balaji Kirwale Patil

    Hello I had opted wrong first exam city can i correct it by anyway ??


    i have made my mother name wrong sir and also my mandal name can their is chance to correct


    i had gave my date of birth wrong ls help me

  43. i want to change my test centres

  44. I have made a mistake in date of birth in BITSAT Application Form 2016. Kindly advice how to correct it.

  45. I have entered a wrong email id …please help me to change it…

  46. I HAVE TO CHANGE MY test centre preference.


    My date of birth is entered 2000 instead of 1999 how it will rectify

  48. I have made a mistake of doy it will be 1996 not 1997

  49. SIR

  50. i have written my address worng can i rectifie it??

  51. I have entered wrongly my name. How to correct the same

  52. I want to change my city
    Is it possible

  53. i hav entered wrong appearing any procedure to correct it?

  54. i have written myself as passed while filling the bitsat form but it should be appearing in boards since i am giving my improvement exam so is there any chance of rectification .

  55. Can I change my e mail .?


    SIR i have wrongly entered date of birth year how can i rectify

  57. i have entered wrong date of birth how to correct please suggest

    Actual :06-June-1999

    But entered:05-June-199

  58. I have entered incorrect email address.. How to rectify it?

  59. change my dob can i do it please help me.

  60. I have change my mother name suggest me how to correct it

  61. Likhith Babu Peddi

    Hi, I gave mail id wrongly while filling the form. Could you please tell me how to correct my mail id.

  62. Dear Sir, I have wrongly entered the date of birth actual date of birth is 1998 but due to connectivity issue and short it was written 1988 please do suggest

  63. I want to change the date of birth actually due to connectivity error by mistake i entered 1988 instead of 1998

  64. i belongs to mp board but i made a mistake in that please help me to correct this mistake.

  65. i belongs to mp board but i made a mistake in that please help me to correct this mistake. please help me to edit my form

  66. Abhishekh satyedev

    Sir my application no is 113492 and that i have due to oversight wrongly entered my english marks 90 instead of 92 and total aggregate as 470 out of 500,instead of 472 out of 500.Please could you help in sorting out this problem.

  67. i want to change my preferences.can I.please help me to change

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