BITSAT 2019 most important chapters with weightage

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BITSAT is best institutions in India which offer the technology, engineering program, and professional courses. The BITSAT Admission test is the online based test which includes the syllabus from the subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, reasoning, proficiency and the analytical type. All these subjects are separated by its weighted they are listed below.

BITSAT 2019 most important chapters

First, take the chemistry, in chemical bonding, they take ten percent questions, in atomic structures six percent, in P- block elements six percent, in carboxylic acid they take six percent questions, in mole concepts and bio molecules they take six percentages of the question. Then the next continuation of three chapters, its wattage is five percent. Then the continuous section of four chapters is four percentage weight.

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Finally, the last two section weighted marks are three percentages. Likewise, it is varied in other subjects simultaneously. Then take physics heat and thermodynamic take ten percent weight, next chapter takes nine percent, then continued on next to take six percent, then next four chapters take five percent, then it will take the weight as four percent and the last four sections take weight three in the BITSAT exam. These are the Most important chapters of BITSAT and weight.

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