BITSAT 2018 negative marking scheme

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BITSAT 2018 is the entrance test; based on the test score the professional teams select the students.  This test conducted by based on several criteria and this test question paper includes around one-fifty questions each one question has multiple choice, the candidates recommended shading the correct answer.

BITSAT 2018 negative marking

Each question carries four marks and this test includes negative marking so if the candidate solves a hundred questions they get (100/4) that means candidate gets twenty-five marks, then this mark will be multiplied by three so the candidates totally gain 75 marks or else if the candidate chooses any wrong answer they deduce ¾ of the mark from their secured score   that means the candidate loses seventy-five marks and the net difference will be considered to be zero.

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Additionally, this test will have extra twelve questions it will help to get more marks, or if the candidates tick any wrong answer the negative marks will be applicable to this question also.


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  1. Something seriously wrong with your marking scheme details
    please RECHECK. its causing a lot of confusion
    just write it as +3 and -1
    its not even +4 and -1

  2. Explanation to marking scheme requires serious review.

  3. Listen to Xeph

  4. it +3 -3 or +3 -1

    1. What type of scholar are you?

  5. please give a clear idea of marking scheme

    1. +3,-1 got it

  6. please give proper marking scheme

  7. their is no clear idea about the marking schema

  8. Please explain the marking scheme clearly

    1. For every correct answer 3
      Incorrect response-1
      No response 0

  9. I am confused about marking scheme please anyone can tell me the right one

  10. ya ! Need clear idea as by niharika

  11. This system of negative marking should be scrapped seriously. It’s like playing with the lives of innocent students.

  12. The correct information is +3 for correct answers and -1 for wrong answers in BITSAT entrance exam.

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