BITSAT previous year question paper with solution pdf download

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The BITSAT is the entrance exam for the engineering students; this BITSAT stands for Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test. BITS Pilani conducts the BITSAT entrance test every year for the eligible candidates to the first-degree programs.

BITSAT previous year question paper

This BITS Pilani campus is in Goa, Pilani, and Hyderabad. You can download free BITSAT previous year question papers through online. It will help you to score high marks. The BITSAT paper has four sections. They are Mathematics contains 45 questions, English and Logical Reasoning contains 25 questions, Chemistry contains 40 questions, Physics contains 40 questions. This exam is about 3 hours. You can search and check all details such as exam pattern, syllabus, time allotment for BITSAT mock test paper by free pdf download.

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Once you download those papers about BITSAT then the site will be your favorite website. If you want BITSAT previous year question paper, then you can use these given below the download links.

Paper Year Question Paper Solution
BITSAT 2013 Paper Download Download
BITSAT 2012 Paper Download Download
BITSAT 2011 Paper Download Download
BITSAT 2010 Paper Download Download
BITSAT 2009 Paper Download Download
BITSAT 2008 Paper Download Download
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BITSAT 2006 Paper Download Download
BITSAT 2005 Paper Download Download

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  1. Awesome stuff…. just need to know the difference bw level of ques in main s n bitsat

    1. yes mukul you r right dude….

      1. friends please tell me from where should i practise for bits exam

        1. Try it from previous exam papers

        2. are you jayavelu jitesh????

          1. no. i am sunny leone

        3. simplylearnrt you can practise chapter wise

        4. I think the best would from the bitsat book of arihant publications

      2. Is it more difficult thn mains or less

        1. It is easier than mains but the no of questions asked is difficult to solve in 3 hrs. So it requires practice as well as mental calculations to avoid wasting rough paper provided. Only 4 sheets smaller than A4 are provided.

          1. Thanks Man. Needed the exact information.

          2. The question are at mains level but what about English not so much easier

        2. Less, but more questions are there,so there is less time per question

        3. Less difficult them mains

        4. Level of questions is easier than mains but no. of question are more than mains and it is difficult to them in given time, it needs practise and mental calculation ability to avoid wastage of the rough paper provided .

      3. yes amit you are right dude

    2. mukul…there isnt much diff b/w level of bitsat and mains questions…although the bits questions are a bit easier than mains but the cutoff is real high…

    3. can u plz suggest me that how can i prepare for that exam

      1. Is this Mandeep chib?

    4. Padh le in sab pe dhyaan mat de

    5. I want to join bits philani so how many questions I must attend.. Plz.. Anyone guide me… I am very confused atlist average…

      1. you have to score 350

    6. Friend ,where can we have fully solbed previous yrs bitsat paper

    7. very different

    8. reply me brother… i am ur best friend..right;D

  2. are these questions the actual ones or obtained from students through memory after exam. Because I heard that BITS doesn’t publish its questions

    1. Upto 2013, the papers were offline. So people could take question paper back with them

    2. From 2014 onward, BITSAT is conducted online and hence it’s past year papers are not available for 2014, 2015 and so on


      2. But V can get previous years question papers..i.e 2014-15-16 .In BITSAT books disha publication

  3. does not link downloads

  4. i tried a lot in many websites for these solvedpapers but atlast i got it here so thank you

    1. can any one say where can i get 2014 solved papers

      1. download pdf nd get it easyly i too preparing for bitsat

  5. where is 2014 question paper

    1. It was only in online mode so couldn’t be made available.

    2. just chill and danceeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The quuestions of PCM of Bitsat are a little bit easy than the Mains
    as no. of questions in Bitsat are 150 and in Mains are 90.
    But level of English is high and level of mental ability
    section is very high…..Takes a lot of time.

    1. no it’s not that difficult
      if you are good at reasoning

  7. Thank you! Absolutely brilliant stuff. Neatly arranged and ad-less. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  8. Mukul.. The answer to your question is pretty straight foward. Bitsat will test your analytical and theoretical knowledge both at the same time whereas mains tests only your analytical part. plus time management is also a factor

  9. hey, can you upload the 2014 bitsat question paper in pdf format? thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Just wanted to check out the best way to get the best

  10. Please send me the updates of BITSAT

  11. the question papers are not of high quality

  12. but i’m sure that 10 days of hard work with these questions will fetch u a seat in bits

  13. and finally never lose ur hope till the last minute and only ur confidence will fetch u a bits pilani seat

  14. It’s very usefull for the preparation of bitsat and we are able to know the level of the exam

    1. Bro trust me check 2015 and 2014 paper and then compare it with 2013 ….u would know real level

  15. The Best study material for last week practice….Thanks.

  16. where’s 2014 question paper?

  17. no you are not right mukul i.e. both are very much easy

    1. hy and can u suggest me any reference book plz.

    2. Can u suggest few tips.

    3. Can u tell me about ur sucess

  18. very nice papers , contains good questions

  19. bitsat is one of the most toughest exam after iit .
    the level of quesations are normal to average.
    moast of the questions are memory based which requires sought of learning.

    1. How 2 get BITSAT 2014,2015 papers

  20. 2014 & 2015 question papres please

  21. update qn for msc and phd entrance

  22. I’m nt getting 2015 que. paper.So can u make it available?

  23. Link Not Getting Downloaded.

  24. can u please upload 5015 question paper with answer please

    1. Ask my soul after 2999 years…I’ll make it available for you..πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  25. can i get 2015 BITSAT question paper with solutions please………….

  26. Please update with 2014 and 2015 question papers

  27. i want bitsat 2015 question paper….plss help me

  28. thanks for these previous years question’s. It is helpful for me for the preparation of bits entrance exam.
    And iam requesting for the punishment of 2014 que

  29. Hi sir, I want to my son admission in civil )ur institution.At that time My son is study in polytechnic civil branch.plz tell me admission process.

      THANK U

  30. 2010 & 2014 ?……
    otherwise its really helpful.thanks

    1. and 2015 also shreya g

  31. answers given are wrong!!

  32. I cant find paper of 2014 $ 2015 …. plz help me out ….. if anyone have plz send me on my email ….

  33. it helps to give the final finishing to our preparations.

  34. suuper stuff..i just love it

  35. R the questions in bitsat tougher than mains

    1. app same level

  36. The answers provided for many of the questions are wrong. I have attempted the 2013 paper only and found 2 out of first 6 answers provided to be wrong.

  37. There’s a lot of printing mistake in these questions Regarding Parenthesis(), Modulus||, determinant|| and Matrices []. None of them are present. We won’t be able to solve them is those aren’t given. Please do the necessary requirements. Thank you

  38. fuck off bits. TJS Mass

  39. People any idea where we can get the solutions of the papers?

    1. I know how grouchy and grumpy I can be during PMS so I don’t really take offence to the ad. However, the person who came up with the Panadol Menstrual formula obviously does not know the whole mechanics of the cramps because that stuff dos72&#8n1e;t work. At all.


    BITSAT questions are easy but time alloted is less so speed must be maintained throughout.

  41. please post the question paper of 2015 year

  42. tell me about placement in bitsat

  43. Hai friends the is Nitish from Andhra Pradesh.I would like to know from where should Iprepare physics,chemistry for bitsat.

  44. stupid link is broken.pdfs arent coming up!!!

  45. where can i get 2015 paper

  46. can anyone tell me where cn i find bits 2014-2015 papers…i tried lot but failed to find… so if anyone have them pls mail it to me@

  47. Evarevaro ememo antunaru but all are true a part nd wrong a part

  48. I dont like this web site becuase these people do not answer to our queries…

  49. is 2015 paper is not available

  50. hey
    these all exam paper after 12th or after engineering (b.e.)?

  51. is BITS published his entrance Exam question paper.

  52. plz bro can u tell me how to prepare 4 bitsat and I OBC so what type of benefits I will get in this.

    1. No bro your OBC caste does not work in BITS like deemed private university…no benefits will be provided to u….you can prepare for bitsat by solving papers and having all the concepts crystal clear

  53. can i get admission in bits pilani..after cracking the bitsat exam .i have scored 65% in 10+2 and 90 in 10 std and am from mahrashtra state board ..pls leave a reply !!!also pls tell me the cutoff for recent years

  54. can u upload 2016 paper??

  55. Could someone please upload 2010,2014,2015 question papers…!!!!

  56. papers are not getting downloaded….

    1. Vipul yadav the best of all time

      Good but for other people who are not interested in this
      Highly recommended but richa if you are not able to get the paper you are really worse than ever

    2. Tri it again…. Bcz i hv downloaded frm here only….

  57. i guess there are some key mistakes

  58. Guys yah btao ki bits ka paper hindi ma be hota ha kya

    1. hmm hota h bro……..

  59. ooo its very hard to complete too many question

  60. Only solving the ques papers of bitsat is enough for getting a seat in college

  61. Vipul yadav the best of all time

    Good but for other people who are not interested in this

  62. Awesome stuff ,it was very helpful.

  63. what about extra questions after completing the paper?

  64. Prathamesh sardeshmukh

    From where should I start preparing which publication books should I refer what will help me more ?

  65. I know, it is hard, but i will try my level best

  66. can anybody please upload 2016 bits question paper??
    what is the level for maths questions?

  67. Highly useful material

  68. can u say me about bits cut off



  71. Should I start something new when I Hv about 32 days with me?
    I prefer it bcoz the asked are not to deep….
    Help me

  72. Should I start something new when I Hv about 32 days with me?
    I prefer it bcoz the questions asked are not to deep….
    Help me

  73. bits exam is of ncert level..??

    1. Only chemistry is of ncert level but maths and physics are mains level

  74. 2016 paper plz…


  76. How should beour last moment preparation for bitsat?

  77. Papers upto 2013 are available.please give papers upto 2016.

  78. Please give papers upto 2016.

  79. Where is Explanation,
    It’s not even solution, it’s just answer key

  80. Can any one clear marking scheme for BITSAT please

  81. Does anyone know..if 2 of us me n my frnd had done slot booking at the same time, we may sit together or not in EXAMINATION hall.

  82. Does anyone know if two of us me n my frnd had done slot booking at the same time we may or may not sit together in EXAMINATION hall.

  83. Exams students have confirmed with the college at national university of singapore and the republic of bitsat english previous year question papers north korea was held in beijing in september.

  84. This shit site …cant you notice that the level of bitsat paper from 2014 onwards is high its …2015 paper was extremly different and for me was tough. So please post 2016 paper I cant go and buy a new arihant book just for one additional paper …I have 6 days left for bits …plz post 2016 paper

  85. This is not the one should give the solution of a question paper.

  86. 2014,2015,2016 papers pllzz..!!

  87. Thankyou sir😊😊😊😊😊😊☺

  88. where is the 2017 bits question paper

  89. where is the paper 0f 2017 bits!!

  90. Guys i want to prepare for bitsat so can anyone suggest me the best books for this purpose?

  91. total marks in bitsat paper

  92. Got only 64%in 12th
    Am i elligible for bitsat 2018

  93. What was cut off of bits exm last year?

  94. Exams students have confirmed with the college at national university of singapore and the republic of bitsat english previous year question papers north korea was held in beijing in september.

  95. LOL my 10 class brother got 394 in 3hrs

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