BITSAT 2019 syllabus chapter wise weightage

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The tips are provided for the BITSAT 2019 exams which are given in subject wise from the easy level too difficult levels. In earlier days they are asking the difficult questions, from that they have picked some important questions with easy scoring marks. That may useful to the candidates.

BITSAT 2019 syllabus chapter wise weighted

 Moreover, they listed the important questions with BITSAT subject weight age.

BITSAT chapter wise weight age for Chemistry

Chemical bonding 10%
Atomic structure 8%
P block elements 6%
Carbolic acids and its derivatives 6%
Mole concept 6%
Biomolecules 6%
Electrochemistry 5%
Chemical thermodynamics 5%
Solid states 5%
Chemical equilibrium 4%
Chemical kinetics 3%.

These are the top 10 scoring topics in chemistry.

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BITSAT chapter wise weightage for physics

Heat & thermodynamics 10%
Magnetic effect of current & magnetism 9%
Current electricity 6%
Electrosatatic 5%
Wave motion 6%
Simple harmonic motion 5%
Wave optics 5%
Ray optics 45
Work energy power 4%
Rotational motion 4%
Elasticity 4%
Fluid 4%
Dimensions errors 3%
Gravitation 3%
Alternating current 3%.

BITSAT chapter wise weight for Maths

Circles 11%
Continuity & differtiability 6%
Vectors 6%
Straight lines 7%
A pair of straight lines 6%.

This is BITSAT 2019 chapter wise weight. The easy syllabus was mentioned in above of the list and gives the priority to the top of the list.

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